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A new technology that combines copper-enriched fibers to prevent the development of bacteria and fungi in the foot

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Many hours at the office?

ZA-KEN's unique socks have proven to be very effective in preventing bad foot and shoe odor. The copper ions that make up the sock fabric were found in laboratory tests to prevent the development of bacteria and fungi.

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Healthier feet

ZA-KEN's unique socks will maintain healthy skin of the feet even after physical activity in which the feet are sweating. The sock fabric stimulates the blood circulation and encourages strengthening and elasticity of the skin.

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Features and benefits

COCO - Combined Copper - Cotton

Cotton - Absorbing sweat from the foot
Copper ions enriched fiber - to prevent the development of bacteria and fungi in the foot and stimulate blood circulation
Coco Blend - Durable and flexible - for your health and comfort

About 70% of the population suffers from foot fungus. ZA-KEN's unique socks have been developed to help prevent the development of fungi and help to kill fungi already formed in the foot.


Ron Posti

I use these socks on a daily basis! almost a week without washing. The smell of shoes and feet disappeared, the sweat disappeared and the socks still smelled like a new. It is important to note that I use a closed military shoe for about 10-12 hours a day.

I recommend - Za-Ken!


You have to wear it to believe, I wear Za-Ken socks all day long, go to the gym, walk, and all that in a high and closed shoe. At the end of the day the sock smells like it was bought now and unpacked. The shoes smell better, the feet smell better and I have one less thing to worry about in life. Every morning I wear Za-Ken socks with a smile on my face!

Michael Moyal

Those socks are really surprising. Comfort quality and impact. I had doubts about the antibacterial effect, and to my great surprise they did the work beyond expectations. I wore them for three days in a row and on the third day even for sports. The leg remained fresh despite the workload. highly recommend . The only drawback I found was that I wish all of my socks were like these.

Elazar Dugma

Do not regret for a moment I bought .. Absolutely real !! After a whole week of wearing the socks and they're like new, and the feet ?? Feel fresh !! Thank you very much for another quality product that takes quality of life one step forward.

It works !!!

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