About Za-Ken

The brand “Za-Ken” was founded in 2016.  After years of searching for socks that repel fungus and bacteria, “Za-Ken” developed the ultimate solution.

Although other brands promised to kill, repel, or avoid fungus and bacterial infections, promising various solutions, in reality, none delivered the desired results.

“Za-Ken” was founded to create socks and undergarments that would meet your needs.  We at “Za-Ken” made it our goal to deliver a product that would deter fungus, deter germs, be endurable, and would deliver its promise at a reasonable price.

The problem was analyzed, various solutions were tested both in lab conditions and in the field until the best solution was found. The “Za-Ken”

product works due to its unique integration of its wearables with Copper ions immersed within the fabric. The combination gives a complete solution to those areas of our bodies which receive little attention, and are subject to darkness and dampness.

We at “Za-Ken” developed socks for daily use, socks for the army, hikers,

and travelers. We also developed underwear with the same unique “Za-Ken” solution. All the fabric is integrated with Copper ions which succeed in keeping the area clean of fungus and germs. This solution keeps the areas comfortable and most important germ-free.

Our products are meant for daily use and for sports activities.

During rest, our products improve blood circulation due to the Copper ions touch in the body

When we are on the move, the “Za-Ken” products preserve body heat,

by absorbing dampness  acting as a buffer between the environment and our body. 

The “Za-Ken” products can be used daily without wash, and continue to guard our bodies from fungus and bacteria.

Our products are all lab-tested and checked by various test subjects of different ages and levels of activity.

The “Za-Ken” products promise to hold up to the most stringent quality control checks in order to deliver a perfect solution.

We at “Za-Ken” are listening to your needs and are open for suggestions for improvement and further development.

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Shipments with registered mail – free.

For any comment, please contact us at za-ken@outlook.com