• Bacteria that feed on dry skin
  • Fungus that create and increase skin irritation
  • Mental stress
  • Diet
  • Medicines
  • Hormonal changes

The sock helps against the two common causes:

  • Bacteria that feed on dry skin
  • Fungus that create and increase skin irritation

In prolonged contact with the sock, much of the fungi and bacteria removed and the bad smell is greatly reduced.

The sock fabric stimulates the blood circulation, and encourages the strengthening and flexibility of the skin.

No, the copper molecule is too large to penetrate the skin cells into the bloodstream

Since the copper ion are embedded in the fiber, the efficiency of the socks remains throughout the life of the product

The sock helps prevent the development of fungi and bacteria. Other odor factors, such as nutrition and mental stress, are not treated by the sock, and a high amount of dirt can also be used as an insulator for bacteria and fungi, so it is advisable to wash the sock occasionally

Copper is known as a natural antimicrobial material, which kills organisms, and is an essential mineral in the human body, composed of two proteins that build the skin:

  • Elastin – responsible for skin elasticity
  • Collagen – responsible for skin strength

Yes, in addition to copper, socks combined with silver enriched fibers can help eliminiate bacteria, as well as wool and bambo. The concentration of the material in the products greatly influences its functioning and its efficiency. Wool, for example, should constitute 100% of the total material in the sock.

These socks contain the copper fibers in all the fabric, and not only in the sole. They were tested by experimenters and labs and were found to be effective in preventing bad odors from the legs and shoes